The charities of Books 4 Life

Fourty percent of the proceeds of the Books 4 Life stores goes to charities that the founder of Books 4 Life has chosen.

The other sixty percent goes to smaller projects chosen by our shop's volunteers.

The founder of Books 4 Life has chosen Amnesty International and Oxfam Novib (Oxfam Netherlands) as permanent beneficiaries.

She chose these organisations for their active contribution to the promotion of human rights worldwide and development aid worldwide.

Once a year, on World Human Rights Day, both organisations receive a check for 20% of the proceeds of Books 4 Life Eindhoven.

Each year, small-scale projects can apply to be considered for a portion of the proceeds from Books 4 Life sales. In addition, our volunteers nominate charities.

A good book for a good purpose

Our 2023 donations to local charities

We have donoated 'our' part of our proceeds over 2023 to 4 local charities:

€4350 for:

There are over 1 million people in the Netherlands who experience the consequences of poverty on a daily basis.

Many people with financial problems depend on the help of local organizations. Stichting Armoedefonds gives financial support to these local organizations.

€4350 for:
The volunteers of Soep & Co collect food and make soup from it in order to share it with (e.g.) homeless people.

It is important for Soep & Co to make people feel valuable despite their hard lives, and to communicate with them.

€ 4350 for:
The volunteer-run Caritas, among other activities, gives small contributions to families on a minimum budget and to single elderly people who no longer have close relatives.

They also provide a "listening ear" to listen to the problems of these families and singles and offer possible solutions. During the Christmas period, Caritas provides extra parcels to be distributed to the neediest families in the Woensel district.

€ 4350 for:
Under the motto ‘Educating, we do that together’, Buurtgezinnen connects families that need support to other stable families in the neighbourhood. In this way, the children can receive some extra love and attention, and their parents can be somewhat relieved from their burdens.