Books 4 Life (inter)national

Books 4 Life started in 2005 with a store on the campus of Tilburg University. Over the years, the concept has proven itself with branches throughout the Netherlands. In 2010 it even went international, with a store in Austria. The national website of Books 4 Life can be found here.

Associated and local foundations

Each Books 4 Life branch determines how the foundation's goals are to be achieved. The national Books 4 Life foundation establishes core values and criteria, which each branch needs to meet in order to carry the Books 4 Life trademark.

These include:

  • low book prices
  • no compensation for volunteer work
  • we sell only donated books
  • transparency regarding the charities.

Annual report

To find out how we did last year, please see our annual report over 2023 (in Dutch).


The current board of Books 4Life Eindhoven consists of: R. Hempelman (chair), J. van Hoof (secretary) and A. Fey (treasurer).

Our fellow Books 4Life stores

Click on the books below on the map to visit the websites of the individual Books 4 Life shops:

Books 4 Life stores in the Netherlands
Groningen Amsterdam Utrecht Nijmegen Tilburg Je bent op de website van Books 4 Life Eindhoven

The organization in 1 minute

View the following (Dutch) video for a brief explanation of the Books 4 Life foundation:

Financial contributions to Books 4 Life Eindhoven

You can support Books 4 Life by donating or buying books. But any direct financial contributions are more than welcome. You can make a donation via Books 4 Life to the charities we support.

You can also sponsor our activities with a financial contribution: a maximum of 10% of our turnover can is reserved for operational costs and therefore we are always happy with some extra sponsorship to, for example, cover the costs of participating in sales events or the printing of flyers.

Our treasurer will be happy to inform you how to support us.

Our establishment is registered with the Chamber of Commerce as:
Foundation Books 4 Life Eindhoven.
CoC number: 17260808

Our RSIN number is 821237299. Books 4 Life is a registered charity and therefor has the so-called ANBI status, which means that for the Dutch Tax Office, donations to Books 4Life Eindhoven are tax deductible (within certain conditions).

Quality of printing

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